Helped build the family business in the UK before working in business consultancy. Recharged purpose with work on enterprise development services in Africa. Then used the skills managing projects in fast paced, complex and conflictual humanitarian settings in a few wars.

Grew and realised the importance of trust to reinforce purpose and build meaning when living in fragile places.

Returned to corporate world, built my own skills and knowledge and offered something to those who wanted to deliver more than platitudes as we talked CSR and shared value.

Now using my knowledge contributing to skills building concentrating on the education to employment transition; youth employment, the work has been influential for socio-economic inclusion in humanitarian situations where the chaos and the complexity creates opportunites for positive change - Would you believe.

Academic linkages related to enterprise, entrepreneurship and organizational development continue with Henley Business School, Oxford Futures Forum, the International Council of Small Businesses and Durham University’s Business School. University of Cambridge’s Sustainable Development added insight into shared value and the circular economy policies and practicalities to stimulate ‘green jobs’ given changing economic drivers and environmental issues and how words on inclusion are to be realised by the majority of people.

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Paul James Crook

Possibilities in mind, body & spirit opened by being in Fragile States: countries & inside my own head. Exploring one’s self & community Challenging boundaries