Great reminders Tim - We are all individuals lumped into this or that marketing group.

Interestingly, quality routines as the basis of being a positive person are anti-consumption in the vast majority of ways.

As you note, get away from the panaceas at 9:99 (add in relevant currency) and elixirs for life (no added sugar but watch out those E numbers).

Look inside yourself and breath - Breath, box breathing as the mind clears then focuses (Yep, I am also a journal person - paper for data, heads for thinking).

ASICS fits here (look up where the sports company name comes from) - Healthy mind in a healthy body.

Don't forget the conversation with yourself and / or significant other. Great to sponsor reflection and clear refracted (ie distorted) thinking



Interesting separation Alex - the separation of normative and exploratory new to me this one.

A couple of notes

Decision points fitting to inflection points, internal or external nexus of control and how to define influence on the operational environment?

Perhaps fit back to the analysis of the organisation - thinking of some organisations with structures and stakeholders entailing even when they are normative they still do not control decision making per se.

Interesting lines of inquiry



Paul James Crook

Possibilities in mind, body & spirit opened by being in Fragile States: countries & inside my own head. Exploring one’s self & community Challenging boundaries